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Brits abandoning 'traditional' social networks for WhatsApp and Snapchat say Ofcom

Sunday January 4 2015

Britons are ditching 'traditional' social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in their millions, whilst Whatsapp and Snapchat rise according to Ofcom data.

The regulator’s annual survey of the international communications market found that while social networking activity increased in many countries, it fell in Britain, the United States, China and Japan.

In October this year 56% of Brits said they access social networks at least once a week. That compares with 65%in the same survey in September 2013. They were not given a list of specified ‘social networks’ to check against, but the question is meant by Ofcom to refer sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The French, Italians and Spanish all said they were doing more social networking this year, the report found.